Support the Channel

  • So, first and foremost supporting the channel by having the stream up (actively talking or lurking), sharing the stream on social media, and hosting the stream are the best ways to easily support the channel! Every view and follow counts and we love seeing you hanging out. 
  • Next you can spend your sparks (or Embers) on the channel to use stickers, activate effects, and create a volleyball party! As we hit spark milestones each week we earn money. This is a great way to support the stream and gives you fun things to do as well. Also, sparks used on our interactive board do count!
  • Next, you can subscribe to the stream. This will give you access to our special emotes and you’ll have an icon (currently a gold coin) next to your name in chat. We are looking at doing certain subscriber only things if we have enough subs. 


Humble Bundles: Use this link to get great bundles of games and support the stream! Humble Link

Lucid Sound: Lucid sound headsets are amazing! Me and Bo both bought one at Pax West 2018 and have been thoroughly enjoying them sense. They make ones that are pc only and others that work with an xbox as well. The sound quality is honestly outstanding. If you go to the following link and use the code “Adventure” if will give you 20% off a headset and help support our stream. 
Lucid Sound Link

Fanatical Games: This is a site similar to Humble Bundle and they often have some really great deals/ bundles! It’s another great way to support the stream while getting great games. Fanatical Link

You may also tip the stream here. Tips are never expected but are always appreciated. 

Thank you so much for reading and we look forward to seeing you soon!