Game Overview- A Long Way Down

This game was released on Jan 16th, 2020. Developed by Seenapsis Studio and published by Goblinz Studio, Maple Whispering Limited, and Mugen Creations. It is a rogue-lite, rpg that boasts it’s replay value. I was first drawn in by it’s deck building system and the overall graphic style. I also loved the idea of meeting new and interesting characters along our journey. The game is currently in Early Access for $18. The real intrigue with this game is the unique path-building element which is how you build your way to different level objectives.

After playing for about 2 hours I really am enjoying this game. And there are 3 save slots so more than one person can play without hurting the other one’s world . I quickly found myself lost in the level and strategies for victory. I love the system of finding loot that you can only really capitalize on if you escape the level. You can do this either by connecting to the path where a blue portal is or by defeating the level by destroying the boss monster. You also have secondary missions that give you extra gear or potions upon completion. The use of health potions seems very important in this game’s play. Either that or I just need them badly, lol!

This game also uses an interesting upgrade, recycle, crafting system. You gain powder by finding chests, defeating monsters, and exiting a level. You can also gain this powder by recycling extra cards/gear you might have. Then you use the powder in order to upgrade your cards/gear. This gives you a bunch of options for gameplay style. I always love when a game gives you more than one optimal way to fight.

There are 6 cards to collect for a Steam badge. They are: Dungeon Master, Sam, Marcus, Paros, Nefi, and Zanahoria. They are simple character design cards but I always appreciate when they are included for a game! I look forward to playing more of this game and sharing my views on it as it evolves.

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