Game Overviews

Game Overview: Sin Slayers

Hello all! Welcome back to another game overview. Today we are looking at Sin Slayers! This game was provided by the developers for us to check out and I’ve had a lot of fun playing it so far. There is also a free demo version of the game available on steam called Sin Slayers: The First Sin.

The Highlights:

  • Available on Steam for $15
  • RPG, turn-based strategy
  • Rogue-like
  • Has Steam achievements and trading cards
  • Lots of story/ exploration

This game is developed by goonswarm and published by Black Tower Entertainment. It was released Sept. 5th, 2019 and was last updated as of Sept. 16th. The turn-based fight style is what caught my attention for this game. The artwork is beautifully done as well! You start off with your party of 4 heroes that are trying to slay the Sin Lords. Every location you travel to is randomly generated which adds to the game’s replay-ability. This game has all of the traditional trademarks of the genre: inventory, abilities, items (crafting and usable), abilities/ ability tree, a bestiary, and multiple locations to explore.

I found the bestiary extremely interesting as you unlock new information about the monsters as you fight them. So to start off you know nothing, not even their amount of armor or health. However, the more you fight a particular creature, the more you learn. For instance, their weaknesses and strengths. This can allow you to better tailor your strategy the next time you face them. This will be even more useful against the bosses I’d imagine.

You also have a church that serves as your home-base. Here you start with just the head priest, but as you find/rescue new npcs they appear in the church as well. The first person I found was the blacksmith. That will be a great help moving forward.

Last, I will leave you with a couple screenshots from the game to give you an idea of what the artwork looks like. I will be streaming this game soon as well so keep an eye out!

Here is the inventory system. Tabs on the site serve as navigation. This is the skills tab!
This is the church. You can see our characters on the left and many of the npcs on the right.

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