Game Overviews

Game Overview: Devil’s Hunt

Welcome to another blog post! Today we are looking at Devil’s Hunt by Layopi Games and published by 1C Entertainment. Me and Bo got to try out this game at Pax East this past year. We really enjoyed what we saw and look forward to streaming this game once we get all moved. However, I wanted to write this overview now so you all can get an idea about the game.

Main details:

  • Available on Steam ($35)
  • Console release in Q1 2020
  • Indie, adventure/action game
  • Single-player
  • Has full controller support
  • Rated Teen for blood, sexual themes, use of alcohol, and violence

In this game, you play as Desmond who has been drawn into a series of unfortunate events which caused him to lose most of his humanity. He makes a deal with the Devil to gain demonic powers. However, his human side is trying to fight back for control. This leads this game to posing quite a few moral quandaries to the player. Devil’s Hunt caught my attention because of the artwork. I will add in a gallery below so you can see for yourself! I was also intrigued that this game is based off of a Polish book series called Equilibrium. We were able to speak with the author at Pax East and his love and passion for this story really showed.

I also found the fighting styles in the game to be of interest. You switch between Desmond’s human and demon forms and can choose between 3 different fighting styles. I really appreciate games that give you these kinds of options so that you aren’t pigeon-holed into a specific play type. There is also a large environment to explore! Some of these locations include hell, Miami, and Jerusalem. I love exploring in games so can’t wait to see all of these great places!

I hope to add to this article as we get to play the game to give more opinions, but the set up in wonderful!

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