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Pax West 2019 Recap!

Hello and welcome to our Pax West 2019 recap! We’re really excited to share some great games and pictures with ya’ll. If you really want us to cover one of the games mentioned let us know! We’ll try to put it to the top of the list. 🙂

Day 1:

On day 1 we were really excited to talk with the Astroneer crew. We were excited to learn they are adding jet packs to the game. They work similarily to other backpack modules in the game. Having one gives you similar lift, but you travel slower than if you have 2 attached. Bo had a lot of fun demo’ing how they maneuver. They are also planning on some quality of life type updates to the game. Lastly, the new gates will have module slots that are player activated. In the demo, fireworks set off every time the player passed through a gate. This could set up some fun possibilities.

I was most excited, however, to check out Cook, Serve, Delicious 3! This iteration of the game finds you managing a food truck. You are trying to travel across the country and prove yourself as having the best food truck in the country. We played in multi-player (local) so we could both get a feel for the game. It is very similar in style and controls as the first two games. However, in this one they have made holding stations even more important. And a nice change is being able to press the ‘shift’ key to send out ready orders. This allows the game to create a faster pace than past games in the series without taking away from the player’s experience. After trying a couple demo levels, I can’t wait to play more! There will also not be any chores in this version of the game. This allows the focus to really be on serving customers.

Next we looked at two awesome indie games. The first was called Deleveled and was part of the Pax 10. It is a simple puzzle platformer. The gimic is that there is no jump in this game. You are controlling 2 cubes that must bounce into each other to allow themselves to jump. This adds a neat edge to this puzzle game. Second was Plunge by Spookybuns. This game caught my attention because of the artwork. It is a gorgeous game that just really hits the spot. It is puzzle and combat based. Your player is trying to find the key to the level exit while navigating enemies, traps, and switches. However, when your player moves in a direction it continues until it hits a wall or enemy. That is where the puzzle element comes in. It is out on Steam and Switch currently for $8.

Screenshot from Game

We rounded out day 1 by checking out The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance Tactics! This game will relate to the new Netflix series by the same name. I was most impressed by the art/graphics in this game. The detail is amazing and movements are very smooth. This is a party driven tactical game. It’s story takes place 100 years before the original Dark Crystal movie. I was happy to hear that the game has a nice mix of range and melee characters. It’s way more fun that way! This will be a game me and Bo will be playing for sure.

Day 2:

We took Saturday easy for the most part, but did get to see some great games! We got a look at the future DLC for The Binding of Isaac! The most exciting part for us is that this update will introduce true local multi-player. Two important points: it will be up to 4 players and the enemies are not scaled so that the focus can be on having a good time playing the game. We also go to see Nicalis, Inc’s The Legend of Bum-bo! I was excited to see how this puzzle game was going to work. It plays as a matching game where you create weapons while charging spells in order to defeat enemies. The level layout and enemies you will remember from Isaac’s basement. I do like how everything looks like cardboard though. I look forward to playing this game for some relaxed streams.

Day 3:

Today we got to speak with Playism about Pixel Game Maker MV and Outrider Mako. Pixel Game Maker MV is currently out and was developed by the team that brought us RPG Maker. This was exciting to hear as I have loved using RPG Maker. I look forward to seeing what I can make in Pixel Game Maker MV! Outrider Mako is about a character named Mako. She is trying to make deliveries in this 2D action adventure game. Me and Bo both got to sit down and try this game out and were very pleased. The controls are great and it introduces the rules of the game in a quick, but effective manner. I feel like it gets the player invested in the story quickly and look forward to playing it in the future. They said it will have around 20 hours of story to enjoy and was made by a single developer, AsmadoGames.

We also got to check out Witchstone by Spearhead Games. This is an adventure rpg that gives the player control of the story. Instead of a set story/ quest-line the player’s decisions decide which way your story goes. This adds a huge amount of replay-ability to this game.

We rounded things out meeting with Whitethorn Digital. They have a focus on small indie developers and their games. They have many wonderful sounding games that we sill be streaming in the future. If you check out their website you will see a wide variety of games that span most genres. We will keep you updated on their games and our partnership with them. As a player, you also get to influence the npc’s in the game which adds a great depth to this title. Also, you roll a dice in game to see if you are successful in many of your endeavours. This game was clearly inspired by classical tabletop rpgs.

Day 4:

Stranded Sails Gif

At Merge Games we got to check out Stranded Sails and Sparklite! I would absolutely recommend wish-listing both of these games on Steam! Both of these games feature adventure and rpg elements. Stranded Sails is a slower paced game while Sparklite is a faster paced, combat based game. Both of these games are at the top of our list of games to play. When they come out we’ll make sure ya’ll know! Further, the developers for both of these games are the sweetest guys and you can tell they are truly passionate about their game.

Sparklite Screenshot

I hope you all have enjoyed reading about these! Make sure to check back soon for more in-depth information about these games as they release!

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