Game Overviews

Game Overview: Rise of Legions

Welcome back to another game review! This time we’re looking at Rise of Legions. This is a free-to-play game that is in Early Access currently, but will be reaching full release soon.

The Highlights:

  • Single-player, multi-player, and co-op
  • Free-to-play
  • Developer: Broken Games
  • Publisher: Crunchy Leaf Games
  • Moba, strategy, deck-builder
  • Currently has mostly positive reviews on Steam

We really enjoyed the layout and the way this game plays. You build your deck using cards which belong to one of 3 groups: spells, units, and spawners. You use mana to cast spells and put down units. You then use essence to place more spawners at your base. This creates an interesting game where you have units that spawn on their own (like the minions in League of Legends), but then as the player you can strategically spawn extra units and use spells using mana. This type of strategy appeals to us a lot! It’s like playing a moba meshed together with a tower defense game. And it does this in a manner that is both fun and engaging. It’s been really enjoyable learning how the different units function and play. Furthermore, you are able to level up your cards either by using them in your deck and/or sacrificing other cards. After they hit level 5, you can ascend them which makes them stronger. A large part of them becoming stronger is lowering the unit’s cooldown.

I really think this game holds a ton of potential for hours upon hours of fun. And really what more can you ask from a free-to-play game? I’d encourage you to give it a shot and let us know what you think! Lastly, here is the trailer so you can get a look at the game and it’s art style.

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