Game Overview: Mythgard

Welcome to another game overview! I am specifying this as an overview and not a review because this is not the final version of the game. I do thank Rhino Games Inc for allowing me to experience and stream this game before full release!

This is a card collection game, but also contains a story. It plays similar to games like Hearthstone or Magic, but has it’s own uniqueness to it that really drew me in. It also has a large variety of games modes outside of the story mode. I feel like that will help keep players interested in the long run. Also, I must mention that the artwork, music, and voice-acting in this game are to die for!

Overall, Mythgard has solid game mechanics and a great deck builder. I found it easy to read card descriptions and get an idea of how to build my deck. Plus, the deck builder has a ton of filter settings you can use if you are looking for a specific type of card. Super helpful so that you don’t constantly have to scroll through every card you own. It is important to note here that they do have a paid currency in the game, but you can easily play and enjoy the game without spending anything. You earn coins by completing missions, achievements, and by playing through the story. Those can then be used to open up more card packs. Furthermore, throughout the story you are using the character’s deck so you don’t even need to worry about building your own deck until later. This gives you plenty of time to learn how the different mana (or gem) colors work.

The tentative release on Steam is this year. You should certainly add it to your Steam wish list if you enjoy this sort of game. Here is a slideshow of pictures so you can see how great the artwork is too!

Lastly, be sure to go give the devs a follow on Twitter and let them know I sent you! I look forward to covering this game more in the future and I hope to see you soon! ❤

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