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Game Overview: Vaporum

Hey everyone! Welcome to another game overview/ review. Today we are talking about Vaporum! This is a game that me and Bo got to play while we were at Pax East this year. It was great to meet the Merge team and get to chat about their games a bit. Vaporum is a single-player game that is best described as a steampunk dungeon crawler. You are in first person and move on a grid-based system.

Important points:
* First person real-time combat
* Puzzles and many different objectives
* Gadget-based RPG system
* Tons of exploration, loot, and character customization
* Mysterious story that features some great voice acting

I really love the aesthetic of this game. Everything is so cohesive. It was easy for me to feel enveloped in Vaporum’s world. These screenshots show off exactly what I mean:

Further, the left side image gives you a look at the level-up system this game uses. As you level, you gain skill points to spend on different bonuses. You can also reset these at any time in case you change your mind on how to play. I found this game to be extremely well-rounded. The team for this game has done a fantastic job and I encourage you to pick up a copy of this yourself! It is available for PC, Xbox, and now Nintendo Switch!!

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