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Game Review: Terrorarium

The title page for this game!

Welcome to another game review! Today we are looking at Terrorarium. This is a cute game that me and Bo got to check out while at Pax East this year. It really caught my attention so I knew that I had to give it a go. This post is going up right after I stream the game so if you didn’t catch it, be sure to go look at the vod ( This game is available on Mac and Windows (through Stream Early Access). Currently, it is $9.99. It is developed and published by Stitch Media who are based in Toronto, Canada. It was released on March 20th, 2019 and is rated E for Everyone!

In this game, you create your own terrarium of horror! This includes a large array of assets of vicious creatures, hazards, plant monsters, lovely foliage, and destructible terrain! I love the idea of being able to build my own garden with this interesting twist. There is currently no story, but it would be nice to see one added later on. However, I do enjoy the casual nature of this game. It’s fun to create puzzles and complete puzzles that other people have set up in the stage builder. I think this game has a ton of potential! This is definitely a game that I plan to return to a couple times in the coming year. Let me know what you think as well!

Like look how adorable this little guy is!!

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