Board Game Stream Update

Hello! I hope you are doing well today! I wanted to write a quick update regarding the stream and the board game streams we have done this week. We have played Greedy Kingdoms, Imhotep, Mystic Vale, and Smash Up. These games have been amazing fun to stream and we plan on playing them more in the future. Me and Bo have both been having a great time doing these board game/ irl streams. I hope you all have been enjoying them too!

On Thursday, we will be doing another board game night! We will be learning/ playing The Binding of Issac card game. We are both really looking forward to playing this game as Bo donated to the Kickstarter! I’ve only seen the artwork on the outside of the box so far, but it looks amazing! That classic Issac art style. We will be starting earlier than normal, so expect us live by 5pm on Thursday. Also, feel free to let me know on Twitter (@AdventurersQ) if there is a specific game you’d like to see us play again. You know we’re always up to suggestions.

Well, that is all I’ve got for now. I hope to see you all on Thursday!

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