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Board games Part 1

Welcome to part one of my board game coverage! Over the course of this series, I will be talking about board games that me and Mr_Bo enjoy playing or plan on playing. As you all know, we absolutely love board games and are in the process of planning out some board game streams. If there is a game in this series that you would enjoy seeing us play let me know so I can move it up the list!

Company 1: Thames & Kosmos

Me and Mr_Bo had the pleasure of meeting these wonderful people at Pax Unplugged 2018! We had such a great trip to Philadelphia and enjoyed the con so much. I’m glad we’re able to share the information we gathered with all of ya’ll. The games we got to check out were: Drop It, Ubongo Fun-Size, Imhotep and Imhotep: A New Dynasty. All of these games were a ton of fun to play. So much so that we went back to the booth more than once to play them again!

Drop It: this is a colorful family game that is easy to learn, but very hard to master. One at a time, each player drops a shaped piece into a vertical game board; similar to connect four. However, there aren’t any barriers so the pieces can fall anywhere along the board. Players earn points for the highest level their shape is at when it lands, but they can’t be touching any block of the same color or shape. For instance, if I dropped a blue triangle into the game board and it touched another person’s triangle then I would score no points. We found that I am very bad at this, but I had a great time playing! I really like that it is an easy game to teach and learn.

Ubongo Fun-Size: This is a fast-paced geometric puzzle game. It plays quickly and, again, is easy to learn. This is a wonderful game for most ages from children to adults. Players race to piece together interlocking tiles so they fit perfectly on their puzzle board. I had fun trying out this game and enjoyed that it took some thought process to get good at the game. I can see this one being perfect when you don’t have a lot of time for a game but want to do something fun.

Imhotep and Imhotep: A New Dynasty: This is the more complex of their board games. You are an architect of Egyptian monuments. It is a turn based game where players take turns performing a variety of actions. Each play through is slightly different since you shuffle the ship cards each time. I enjoyed that there are a multitude of ways to earn points during this game. It gives players a chance to develop their own strategy to win. The version of the game we got also came with an amazing play mat that they were selling at Pax Unplugged. This is a game we will be streaming for sure! I really look forward to giving you all a look into this amazingly fun game.

Well, that is what I’ve got for part one today! I hope you have enjoyed learning more about these games and look forward to seeing them yourselves. Remember to let us know on Twitter what you’re looking forward to seeing the most!

Lastly, make sure you check out these and their other games at:

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