Stream Schedule

Hello there! This is our current stream schedule as of 12/15/2018. All times are in pacific time.

Mondays: 10pm-1am
Tuesdays: 10pm-1am
Wednesdays: Our day off!
Thursdays: 10pm-1am
Fridays: 10pm-1am
Saturdays: 10pm-1am
Sundays: 10pm-1am

We will also be doing bonus streams as we can. Usually on one of our day’s off work. We will keep you updated on those dates and times over on Twitter so be sure to give us a follow over there! 

2 thoughts on “Stream Schedule”

  1. I propose Wednesday be set up to be a 3d print day, in which a stream is set up for watching the 3d printer and only the 3d printer. (Also, this is a meaningful comment – or at least deliberate.)


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